Fire Fighter Memoirs

It takes a certain kind of man or woman to enter a burning building, dig people out of the rubble and charge into the unknown on a regular basis. But it’s a challenge that’s faced every day by our nation’s brave firefighters. Many of them have turned to the written word to capture the experience, and fire fighter books have long been among the nation’s best sellers.

Now, for the first time, Firefighters Bookstore brings together the world’s finest collection of fire fighter books and memoirs. You’ll almost smell the smoke as our veteran crew talks about what it takes to battle nature each and every day, the fun times around the fire house, and the ultimate rewards of saving lives.

Firefighters Bookstore’s line of fire fighter books and memoirs bring to life the excitement, heroism, history and humanity to the profession that you love, as told by actual firefighters from Boston to Alaska.

Fire Fighter Books in Memoirs Collection

Firefighters from the Heart” is a book detailing exciting true stories depicting actual events that seek to teach the importance of learning from past to prevent accidents and fatalities in the future. Each story is accompanied by a summary of the lessons learned and focuses on the decisions and attitudes that influence the outcome of an incident. Discussion questions encourage aspiring and experienced firefighters to develop critical problem-solving skills in order to promote safety, professionalism, and leadership on the job.

For those looking for an in-depth autobiography, New York Book Festival winner George Kreuscher tells the inside story of his 31-year career with the Fire Department of New York. He talks of the earlier years of his career and the awful days surrounding the 9-11 attack, where 100 of the 343 killed were friends and people he knew. 

And lest we forget, not all firefighter stories are on land. In “Fire on the Horizon,” veteran oil rig captain John Konrad recounts his experience as more than 200 million gallons of crude oil billowed from a hole three miles deep in the Gulf of Mexico.   Konrad and longtime Washington Post journalist Tom Shroder recount the life of the rig itself, from its construction in South Korea in the year 2000 to its improbable journey around the world, and finally, its disastrous end, all the while revealing the day-to-day lives, struggles, and ambitions of those who called it home.

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The Firefighters Bookstore is an educational and training resource for heroes, and you’ll join the long line of them when you open up your world to these touching, heroic and fascinating stories.

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