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If it’s movies and music you want, then we've got it. As firefighters spend tons of time on the job, a 24-hour work shift requires moments of rest, relaxation, and downtime. Firefighter rescue movies are often a great way to relax in those moments when you just need a breather.

Firefighters Bookstore has Great narratives of real-life accounts like Arts Alliance America's Brotherhood: Life in the FDNY, which illustrates the inner workings of the well-respected Squad 252 in Brooklyn and Rescue Company 1 of Manhattan. The book reveals details of the group's uncompromising respect for teamwork, training and camaraderie. Squad 252 and Rescue Company 1 are branded by the ideals of expertise, loyalty, and traditions and their work reflects that. Brotherhood: Life in the FDNY, is a firefighter rescue movie that will challenge, motivate and inspire.

A story of disaster, bravery, and survival, Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, follows a team of firefighters who encounter the rampant flames that have engulfed Yellowstone National Park. This A&E Original Network Movie is reveals the challenges and dangers that are many times an inevitable part of being a firefighter.

Commemorating the brave men and women that fought the flames so valiantly on 911, paying the ultimate price of service, FDNY Dream Bike In Honor of Gerald Baptistse, celebrates the memory of Gerald "Biscuits" Baptistes. The heart-warming documentary tells of how Members of his unit utilize donated time, effort, and resources to aid in the restoration of Baptistes' 1970 Honda Motorcycle, purchased just weeks before his death.

We also carry CD music inspired by firefighters like Chief of Homeland Security of Oklahoma, Dennis Beyer, EFO, the finger-snappin', toe-tappin' sounds of Rappin'

Rabbit's Safety Habits is a fun way to teach kids important safety habits that prevents accidents and saves lives, as well as the complete DVD collection of Emergency! Seasons One through Seven. This fiery rescue series is among one of the original depictions of the real-life drama faced by paramedics in Los Angeles.

Emergency! Behind the Scene offers interviews and a peek behind the curtain at the show's cast members, writers, and production crew members. A portion of the proceeds from the book Emergency! Behind the Scene will go to the LA County Fire Museum Association.

If you're in the mood for classic 70's film, try The Towering Inferno, a San Francisco-based, high-rise fire drama. The 2-disc set, digitally remastered Special Edition offers new material like audio commentary by film historian, F.X. Feeney, special features, and extended and deleted scenes.

Rescue Me, is an FX Network television drama, that featured the personal and professional lives of New York City Firefighters of the fictional Engine 99/Ladder 62 Harlem Firehouse.

If you like Rescue Me, we've also got Rescue Me (Uncensored), the companion to the popular TV series that includes episode guides with music playlists of Seasons One Through Four as well as Uncensored excerpts from each episode.

Check out our full selection of movies and music, and find what you’re in the mood for.
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