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Today, emergency responders in big cities and small towns are part of the collective bargaining process. Whether those negotiations affect 10,000 firefighters or a handful, they are equally important to the communities being served by the men and women who are first on the scene when trouble arises.

As emergency responder unions grow, the landscape they face is also ever-changing. Municipal budgets, new regulations and rules, changes in government and other issues constantly arise, making each set of negotiations a new challenge for those engaged in them.

Firefighters Bookstore has brought together a collection of negotiation books and collective bargaining instructions aimed particularly at first responders. It is a valuable tool that union representatives, managers, government officials and other administrators will find useful in bridging the gaps between parties.

Among the collection:

  • “Getting Past No” is a guide to successful negotiation, demonstrating how to stay cool under pressure, stand up for yourself without provoking opposition, deal with underhanded tactics, and find mutually agreeable options.

  • “Getting Ready to Negotiate” is a workbook on effective negotiations. It is based on the advice and philosophies of the book “Getting to Yes,” and illustrated key concepts like begin prepared, negotiating interests, not positions, and understanding the other side’s interests.  The book will help all parties work toward solutions that are acceptable to all. The workbook is designed to make the process productive and less contentious.

  • “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In” is an international classic on negotiation strategies and tactics. This negotiation book’s concise, step-by-step process will help guide parties toward mutually acceptable agreements. The advice elevates negotiating to a more civilized level.

  • “How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships” is a manual featuring easy and effective techniques designed to help anyone become a master communicator. The processes outlined are effective at work, in the community, within social gatherings, in the home, or one-and-one. The tips should become an effective part of one’s communication style no matter what the situation.


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