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Are you looking for a one-stop source for all your firefighting education needs? Firefighters Bookstore has all the learning materials you need to test, train, and provide instruction for a variety of different firefighting positions. We offer new firefighter books and dynamic educational resources from respected publishers to help firefighters and those in related positions succeed. We also offer titles that make great pleasure reading for firefighters and those who are interested in firefighting.

Our website is organized into many sections to make it easy for visitors to find the materials they need, but rechecking the sections frequently for new titles can be time consuming. That is why we created our New Products section. Once you are familiar with the materials we have in stock, checking this section is an easy way to learn about new firefighter books. You can also receive information about new materials by email when you sign up for our E-News program.

Great Selection

Firefighters Bookstore’s dedication to providing a myriad of educational resources and reading opportunities for firefighters can be seen in the great selection of new titles we receive regularly. We are constantly on the lookout for great educational material and engaging new firefighter books that deal with firefighting and related subjects. When you visit the New Products section of our website, you will find our latest selection of material for the following subject areas, among others.

Test Preparation

Many firefighter positions require you to pass standard exams to qualify for the job. Firefighters Bookstore carries a wide selection of test preparation resources in the form of software, DVD’s, fire college course books, exam preparation guides for specific fire departments around the country, and general education materials. Because municipalities tend to hold job exams infrequently, it is important to start preparing for test day as soon as possible. 

Equipment Maintenance

We offer equipment maintenance manuals that are useful for general equipment maintenance and firefighting related maintenance concerns. Many fire stations contain lots of motorized equipment that must be maintained on a set schedule. Improving your equipment maintenance skills with our manuals can increase your value to the fire department and allow you to use the skills to work on automobiles and other equipment while you are away from the station.

Firefighter Education

We offer a comprehensive collection of educational resources for a broad range of firefighter positions and related careers, including: entry-level firefighter, lieutenant,

captain, fire chief, fire investigator, fire engineer, fire truck driver, pump system operator, and wildlife firefighter, to name a few. Our educational materials are a great help to those who must pass exams, meet continuing education requirements, and participate in field training. Check them out today! 

Safety Codes

Safety code organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Code Council (ICC) update their code manuals to provide the highest level of safety for multistory buildings. Because fire codes impact building construction and the location of firefighting equipment, it is important for firefighters to know about the latest amendments. You can find manuals for the latest codes in the NFPA & International Codes section of our website. 

Legal Issues

From the legal rights of firefighters to liability issues surrounding building fires, there are several legal areas that pertain to the field of firefighting. Whether you are a firefighter on the front lines, fire inspector, fire chief, fire engineer, or fire investigator, you should know about the legal issues that pertain to your position. The Legal Section of our website is entirely dedicated to materials that deal with the legalities of firefighting and related practices. Check it out today!

Pleasure Reading

Firefighter memoirs, novels about firefighting, books about the history of firefighting, and anthologies of articles about firefights are just some of the forms of pleasure reading we offer. Firefighting is one of the most captivating careers a person can have, so it is no surprise that creative works about firefighting make such excellent pleasure reading. Our New Products section is frequently updated with great new firefighter books for your leisurely enjoyment.

Stay Updated

If you are looking for the latest firefighting publications for test preparation, equipment maintenance, firefighter education, safety codes, legal issues, pleasure reading, or another subject, be sure to check out the New Products section of our website, where we post our latest titles for all things related to firefighting. To stay up to date on everything we offer, you can also receive email updates about new titles by signing up for our E-News program!

For more information about our latest titles, browse through our New Products section, or call us today at (800) 727-3327.

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