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The Firefighters Bookstore is dedicated to offering a wide range of books and educational resources to serve the emergency professional’s intellectual and training needs. Avid readers within the profession, however, may also enjoy learning about the firefighting life for relaxation and entertainment. It’s with this goal in mind that we offer this special section on the site.

The wealth of written material about the firefighter’s experience is extensive, which is why this chapter is separated into five different categories, including: Fire Department History & Photos, Apparatus, Memoirs, Novels & Mysteries, Antiques & Collectibles, and a category dedicated to September 11, 2001. Here’s an overview of some of the engaging and informational titles contained in this section.

Fire Department History & Photos offers numerous books that deal with the history of fire fighting in the U.S. in an entertaining and engaging way. From pictorials of fire photos (Hot Shots: Spectacular Fire Photos) to the history of the fire station (The American Fire Station) to books on the history of New York City (Historic Fires of New York City), there’s something here to keep readers engaged for a good long time.

The Apparatus section deals with the history of the iconic fire engine and all its apparatus. There’s no question that the clean red fire engine has long been a classic American image of safety and virtue. In honor of that fine tradition, The Firefighters Bookstore offers a wealth of colorful books and pictorials dealing with the background of this classic emergency vehicle. From William T. King’s 1896 classic, The History of the American Steam Engine to Edward L. Peterson’s First to the Flames, the books in this section are fancifully entertaining and colorful as can be. There’s something here for anyone who ever fell in love with the classic image of the heroic fireman speeding away on a bright red fire truck.

In Memoirs, we offer a selection of books written by firefighter’s who tell it exactly like it is. From D.E. McCourt’s Notes from the Firehouse to John J. Finucane’s When The Bronx Burned, these books offer gritty stories and memories from brave firefighters who dealt with crises on many levels and lived to tell about it. 

Novels & Mysteries offers more “can’t put it down” selections from writers who tell it from real experience. These books range from urban tales like Ghetto Medic, A Father I the Hood, by Dr. Rachel Hennick, to Paul Hashagan’s compelling historical novel, Fire of God.

The Antiques & Collectibles section offers coffee table books, including American Museum of Firefighting and Badges of America’s Heroes, that are sure to make history enthusiasts smile.

Finally, our section on September 11, 2001, contains a wealth of utterly compelling works on the day of attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. The books in this section, including Harvey Eisner’s book of firefighter interviews, WTC: In Their Own Words, and Max Frankel’s September 11, 2001, honor those who died that day, along with the bravery of the many men and women who fought to save their lives.

We hope you’ll enjoy the many fascinating books offered in the highly engaging chapter of The Firefighter’s Bookstore. There’s absolutely something here for every kind of reader, and every kind of emergency professional. Shop today!

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