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It was a dark and stormy night. Curl up in front of the fire with a great novel from the Firefighters Bookstore collection of great firefighter novels and mysteries.

While the real-life stories of the brave men and women who battle blazes are sometimes stranger than fiction, our firefighter novels collection takes things one step further by bringing you deeply into a world of mystery, intrigue, heroic actions and dark deeds.  Readers of all ages can enjoy these action-packed and quick reads, as the fertile plots imagined by our authors will keep ardent firefighting fans riveted to their seats as the page-turning chapters unfold. You’ll smell the smoke emanating from each page as you find yourself immersed in the best firefighter novels in the world.

Our Selection of Firefighter Novels

Consider Stephen Frey’s “Hell’s Gate,” a thriller from the best-selling New York Times author. In this story, a disillusioned litigator forges a new life in Big Sky Country and stumbles onto the toughest case of his career. Lawyer Hunter Lee befriends a Fire Jumper-one of an elite corps of firefighters-and gets a terrifying firsthand look at vast tracts of forest being reduced to ash in seconds. In this tiny town where everyone seems to have a secret, Hunter suspects these fires are anything but accidental. As he follows his instincts, Montana becomes a crucible where good and evil collide, and where one man, running from his past, must expose the guilty before he's sacrificed to the inferno.

We also have best-selling crime author Joseph Wambaugh, who checks in with “Fire Lover: The True Story of John Orr,” the chilling true crime-novel tale of the Glendale, California fire investigator turned serial arsonist. Wambaugh's meticulous research, along with interviews, case records, and thousands of pages of court transcripts, creates a powerful narrative.

Or perhaps you’ll like “Red Flag Warning” by Kurt Kamm. In this riveting novel, Los Angeles County is burning, as a serial arsonist is setting the parched hills on fire. Plunge into the infernos, and face the heat, smoke and danger with the men on the fire lines. Join the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Arson Unit as they struggle to find the fire setter and stop the devastation.

Back on the East coast, Boston firefighting fans will be drawn to Charles D. Taylor’s “Igniter,” the story of BPD fire investigator Henry Hyde. He loves Boston as only a native can, and he's angry because someone is trying to burn down his city. Whoever is doing this has created an impenetrable maze of professional torches and thugs who end up dead after they do their work. Fires in landmarks serve to notch up the political involvement and media outcry. The mastermind behind all of this is a vicious psychopath who hides behind a persona of respectability and wealth; and he has a score to settle with the mayor, and, apparently, with Henry, too.

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