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Firefighting professionals work at an extremely high level of dedication and achievement. The profession compels this kind of commitment, as firefighters work in service to their communities, protecting citizens and guarding public safety in an incredible range of situations.

A fire creates a unique potential for hazard to a community. From house fires to accidents to gas line explosions, the damage a fire can do to a neighborhood or city area is potentially catastrophic. That’s why the leaders in public safety--the officers and instructors who guide and educate the dedicated firefighters on their teams--must continually work to hone their own skills and take part in ongoing education in order to work at the highest levels in their professions. Public safety demands this, and the firefighting professionals’ dedication to service absolutely compels it.

Officers and instructors in the field of firefighting have a special responsibility to the community, as citizens depend on these committed individuals to keep them out of harm's way. Yet how do an officer and instructor in the firefighting profession keep their skills honed, even as they continue in the day-to-day practice of their work? They do it with a commitment to ongoing education.

The resources available at the Firefighters Bookstore— – are designed with the needs of firefighting professionals in mind. The Officer & Instructor section of the site offers a wealth of educational resources that will keep these professionals knowledgeable and up to date on critical information and new developments that pertain specifically to their areas of firefighting, education and safety. With resources ranging from traditional books to audio books, as well as extensive training DVDs, we provide officers and instructors with a wealth of information critical to their development and ongoing learning processes.

Our available resources include books geared toward a range of leadership professionals, from a company officer to chief officer, as well as instructors and training officers. There are also books and training materials available on leadership and self-empowerment, and on performance management.

Books for chief officers include selections like Command and Control, 2nd Edition, which covers incident decision-making crucial to public safety. Survival Skills For The Fire Chief offers an insightful look at the potential problems in decision making that a fire chief must deal with. Books on leadership and self-empowerment include Five Alarm Leadership: From the Firehouse to the Fireground, which is a compelling overview of crucial lessons learned in leadership and problems solved in crisis situations.

From books on leadership in administrative settings to leadership in times of crises, the Officer & Instructor section of has the range and depth of information today’s firefighting professionals are looking for. Take a look at the selection and purchase these crucial training materials today!

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