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Looking for a paramedic textbook? The paramedics are the unsung heroes of rescue operations. They're the first on the scene, and quite often they're responsible for saving the lives of individuals who are moments from certain death. They may not receive the acclaim of a doctor or a firefighter, but the work of a paramedic matters, and the responsibility is tremendous. For the aspiring and even the seasoned paramedic, education is key. You need to be able to make crucial split-second decisions and respond masterfully under the most chaotic of circumstances. Here at the Firefighters Bookstore, we carry all of your essential paramedic books, containing key information that remains at the forefront of rescue technologies and procedures.

Paramedic Books and More

If you head down to your local book retailer, you might find a few paramedic books scattered along the reference section, but how likely are you to find all of the essential guides and materials, located right alongside one another in a single convenient location? At the Firefighters Bookstore, you get precisely that. You can shop for industry-leading materials like the latest edition of Mosby's Paramedic Textbook, which contains a comprehensive breakdown of all the ECC guidelines, and every subdivision of the USDOT 1998 paramedic curriculum.

Or perhaps you're looking for Paramedic Care: Principles & Practices, which breaks down all the fundamentals of paramedicine based on the National EMS Education Standards. We have all 7 volumes, and we offer them at superior prices that are sure to appeal to every budding paramedic out there. Or how about the first in the Paramedic Professional series? A perfect introduction to the paramedic world, this guide contains all of the information you need to truly understand and appreciate the profession.

We also carry essential books on pathophysiology, pharmacology and pediatrics, along with general rescue procedures. You just won't find a better selection of paramedic books on the market, and we're sure you won't find better values.

Shop for Your Essential Paramedic Books

The Firefighters Bookstore carries dozens of leading paramedic books and publications. Whether you need a paramedic textbook or simply a general guide that pertains to a specialized area of medicine, you can find it right here. We have brought together the most comprehensive and up-to-date inventory, with books containing all of the most current processes, guidelines and procedures, so you can be sure that your investment is sound.

Click on any book title to learn more. See the price, edition, and general details about the publication. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and let us know how we can help. We strive to be your one-stop shop for firefighting and rescue materials, and we're committed to providing stellar customer service. Stock up today and experience just how rewarding it is to be a paramedic. Learn your craft, get the job, save lives. 

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