Pediatric & Geriatric Emergencies Books

Children and the elderly are among our most valued members of society, and they also have the greatest needs in the event of an emergency. The greatest service that we can provide for our fellow human being is to aid those incapable of helping themselves. The most vulnerable members of our communities are our top priority, and that's why pediatric and geriatric emergencies have their own classifications under the umbrella of emergency medical services. The Firefighters Bookstore carries a wide range of leading geriatric and pediatric books, covering all emergency procedures and standards.

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A child in need deserves our full body of collective emergency resources and expertise. No parent should have to endure the horror of seeing their child in a life-threatening situation, and no child should ever have to experience such an ordeal. However, this is the real world, and pediatric emergencies happen every single day. That's why we offer resources like Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals,Current Pediatric Diagnosis & Treatment, and Emergency Care for Children. These are just some of the essential guides that you'll find on our site, all of which are up to date and referenced by leading pediatric authorities. If you're looking for quick and handy references, check out the Pediatric Drug Chart (7th Ed.) and Rapid Pediatric Emergency Care.

When it comes to our children, we can't afford to make careless mistakes due to outdated information or a lack of proper education. With a pediatric emergency book from Firefighters Bookstore, you can equip yourself with the information necessary to carry out your job masterfully and properly care for all the children and parents who rely on your unspeakably important services.

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A society that respects its elders is a society that truly understands what's important. There may come a day when we all require the services of a knowledgeable EMT or paramedic, and by caring for our elders now, we are essentially paying it forward. If you're pursuing a career that involves geriatric emergencies, you'll want to equip yourself with indispensable reading material like Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services and Geriatric Prehospital Care. These guides contain everything you need to know about the most common medical emergencies, assessment, terminal illness and elder abuse. These are must-reads for all first responders, EMTs and paramedics.

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Whether you need a geriatric book, a pediatric emergency book or both, you can find it all right here at the Firefighters Bookstore. Our selection is second to none, and we carry only the most relied upon, curriculum-driven texts, all sold at unbeatable prices. Explore the full range of options and expand your library with the best geriatric and pediatric books available. 

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