Fire Service Performance Management

Effective leadership begins with the right fire service personnel management. While there are born leaders, there are also those whose skills have been developed through effective training. That’s where Firefighters Bookstore comes in.

We offer a complete line of fire service personnel management training manuals. Top experts and leaders in the field impart wisdom on getting the most out of your squad’s personnel, including management techniques, team building and performance appraisals.  

Among the highlights of our carefully curated selection:

  • Mental Aspects of Performance, 2nd Edition guides the reader through a series of exercises to achieve the same level of peak mental performance as top athletes. M.A.P. emphasizes the importance of being prepared, paying attention at all times, and planning to succeed no matter how routine the task or stressful the situation.

  • How to Inspire People to Achieve More: Powerful Techniques to Ignite Motivation uses advice from such leaders as Martin Luther King, Bill Gates, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and others as examples of what it takes to achieve amazing results in life. All great leaders have the ability to inspire others to achieve more than they imagined possible, raising people to a higher level of performance in every area of their lives. Leaders can learn valuable lessons on using the positive power of influence to create an environment of inspiration. This is also available in audiobook.Achieving Excellence in the Fire Service

  • Achieving Excellence in the Fire Service is a primer on how fire departments maintain a constant focus on quality. This book aims to improve your department's service and cost effectiveness while maintaining a level of excellence developed specifically for fire service professionals. This book integrates quality improvement principles with overall fire service personnel management and administrative strategies.

  • Fire Service Personnel Management with My Fire Kit: 3rd Editioncontains a wealth of basic public personnel management concepts and incorporates fire service applications and examples throughout. Updated topics include: fire service personnel development, professional qualifications, recruitment, and diversity issues. The book is a top-notch resource for promotional officer candidates and current managers in the fire service.

Firefighters Bookstore is the ultimate firefighting and emergency responder resource on the Internet. We have been serving the firefighting community for over a quarter of a century, and our selection is unmatched by any other outlet. Our collection of books, videos, CD-ROMS and other materials are the perfect gift for those working in the field, but we also have a fantastic selection of books for family and fire buffs interested in the profession. Fire Service Personnel Management with MyFireKit, 3rd Ed.

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