Public Information & Life Safety Educator

The firefighter’s commitment to public safety goes beyond the act of dealing with emergencies and keeping people out of harm’s way in dangerous situations. Firefighters also play a role in the public sector as well, as teachers and symbols of commitment, safety and responsibility. It’s a role every firefighting professional is proud to play.

Still, fulfilling the task of educating the public about the realities of fire safety calls on an ongoing commitment to training and education. In our rapidly changing modern era, staying abreast of new communication techniques and ways of dealing with the media is more important than ever, especially for those set with the responsibility of keeping the public safe. It’s with all this in mind that The Firefighters Bookstore presents this section of the site, devoted to the ongoing development of public information techniques and advanced training for life safety educators. Let’s take a look at some of the titles included in this section.

For families or anyone concerned with improving fire safety and prevention in the home, Don’t Get Burned! A Family Fire Safety Guide, by Gary and Peggy Glenn, is a must! This book, written by the founders of The Firefighters Bookstore, is a highly informative yet very readable guide to improving fire safety at home, with a thrust towards breaking through the complacency that often leads to unsafe domestic situations. Recommended for fire prevention educators, families and anyone concerned with fire prevention.

Fire and Life Safety Educator, by Marsha Giesler, is a reader-friendly guide created for fire service professionals involved in public education. This book takes the reader through innovative ideas for developing public presentations and practical advice on how to deliver information across a whole range of audiences. The author is a highly respected public information educator who has been celebrated by firefighting professionals for over twenty years for her skills and dedication to public service and quality information.

Public Information Officer by Phil Politano, deals with developing communication strategies that are effective in our rapidly changing, technology driven world. The book includes information on community relations and media techniques, as well as legal issues and the overall role of the Public Information Officer. This handbook is an excellent resource for training and career enhancement for executives and agency administrators.

Public and Media Relations For The Fire Service, by Tim Birr, provides an engaging overview of the role of public information during emergencies, and the way to effectively deal with the media during times of crisis. A hands-on guide for a Public Information Office and media representatives, this book provides detailed information on developing presentations and techniques for dealing with the media during emergencies, and also during times of disaster prevention.

Public information is a critical part of fire prevention and safety during emergencies. Those who take on the role of information officers and communication leaders play a critical part in maintaining public safety, which is why The Firefighters Bookstore is pleased to present these books as part of the firefighting professionals’ ongoing education.

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