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Firefighters Bookstore carries a wealth of resources from publishers that specialize in firefighting and related subjects. Whether you are looking for firefighter training books, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training books, or exam prep materials, you will find them in our online store. The publishers below have stood the test of time and continue to offer a great selection of superior titles.


Action Training Systems

Action Training Systems produces DVDs that help firefighters tackle a variety of subjects, including the basics of firefighting, aerial apparatus operation, pumping apparatus operation, vehicle extrication, HAZMAT response and more. Action Training Systems books and DVDs waste no time getting you involved in the subject matter. Increase your knowledge of firefighting with these helpful resources today.   

Brady / Pearson

Brady / Pearson publishes a variety of titles for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) in training. Subjects include safe EMS driving, prehospital defibrillation, and geriatric prehospital care, to name a few. This publisher also has plenty of titles for aspiring firefighters and veterans of firefighting who are ready for a leadership role. Brady / Pearson’s books make for great student training materials. Check out this publisher’s many titles in our online bookstore today.  



The International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) produces manuals, study guides, workbooks, skills drills, and instructor materials to help new firefighters learn the ropes, while assisting experienced firefighters with attaining advanced positions within the force. IFSTA also publishes station libraries of books that are essential to the career of firefighting. Check out the books in the IFSTA library and IFSTA custom library by visiting our online bookstore today.       

PennWell / Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering publishes a variety of titles for firefighters in different occupations and at different levels of advancement. Common training manual topics include forcible entry, mastering fireground command, vehicle extrication, backdraft and smoke explosions, and tactics for fire officers. Particularly impressive is the publisher’s extensive line of firefighter training books for fire officers. If you aspire to be an officer, peruse this publisher’s titles in our online store today.


Jones and Bartlett

Jones and Bartlett publishes training manuals for aspiring EMTs and firefighters. Titles for EMTs deal with subjects including human anatomy and physiology, airway management, emergency childbirth procedures, and EMS and the law. Firefighter training books address subjects including fire inspection, fire investigation, pump operation and fire service instruction. Jones and Bartlett also publishes a wide range of exam prep materials for EMTs and firefighters in training.


One of the most respected fire organizations in the world, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) publishes a variety of manuals that contain its rules and regulations for fire safety. Whether you aspire to be a fire inspector or simply wish to stay current on the latest fire safety,  NFPA codes are what you need. Find the most up-to-date sets of codes in our online store.  

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The Firefighters Bookstore carries a broad selection of books about firefighting and related subjects from several publishers. If you are looking for firefighter training books, Action Training Systems, Brady / Pearson, IFSTA, PennWell / Fire Engineering, Jones and Bartlett and NFPA are just a few of the best publishers to choose from. Explore our online store today and find all the print and DVD training resources you need to begin your career or advance to the next level. X
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