Becoming a Firefighter

Becoming a firefighter involves study, dedication, aptitude, and a dose of the right stuff. Unlike most professions, a firefighter will be required to put his or her life on the line at any moment. Thus, it’s absolutely imperative that training be rigorous in order to make responses to situations a matter of reflex.

Firefighters Bookstore has the collection that will guide aspiring firefighters through all aspects of applying for the job, training, and the first year as a rookie firefighter. The job requires more than you can convey in a book, but it all starts with knowing what’s expected of you and how things will unfold during the process of becoming a firefighter.

Among the collection’s highlights:

Becoming a Firefighter
  • “Becoming a Firefighter” will help novices find and acquire a rewarding firefighting job in the US. The book covers the best opportunities for firefighters nationwide and explores comprehensive training and financing resources. Topics covered include: salary and certification information; training and educational programs at the 2-year and 4-year college level; and insight into the profession.

  • “The Aspiring Firefighter’s Two-Year Plan” offers step-by-step advice for earning a job as a firefighter in a municipal or industrial department. The book starts with education in high school, covers fire service education, discusses fire service related volunteer activities and how to become familiar with local agencies, and outlines appropriate preparation for an oral interview. The book also gives advice on how to stay in top physical shape to pass the rigorous exams.

  • “Civil Service Career Starter and Test Prep: 3rd Edition” is an overview of how to get any civil service job. The book covers working for a civil service agency, including a discussion of the skills needed to succeed in the hiring process and on the job. Highlights include hiring procedures and minimum requirements for major civil service positions, sample job applications, and must-know info about civil service exams. It even includes practice exams based on official civil service tests.

  • “The Future Firefighter’s Preparation Guide” is a starting point in the process of becoming a firefighter. The book covers the process and preparation for this challenging career, but warns that not everyone is cut out to enter the profession.

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The Future Firefighter's Preparation Guide

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