In addition to the the written exam and physical test, firefighters must pass a personal interview.  That’s why the Firefighters Bookstore has put together a comprehensive collection of books filled with firefighter interview prep tips and tricks.

This collection of firefighter interview tips covers such basics as what to wear to the interview, how to answer questions, language choice and other interview basics. Don’t be the candidate who didn’t get the job because of a poor interview – this collection covers the art of presentation and the key to making a positive impression.

Among the collection’s highlights:

Study Guide for the Firefighter Interview
  • “Study Guide for the Firefighter Interview” is an authoritative guide for aspiring and current firefighters for nailing fire department entrance interviews. Discussions include formulating an answer, developing alternatives and options, and avoiding common interview errors.  

  • “Smoke Your Firefighter Interview: 5th Edition” provides advice on how to prepare and do well in the oral interview portion of the entry-level firefighter testing process. It also includes firefighter interview tips and candidate-tested suggestions for knowing how to showcase individual strengths and weaknesses and be well prepared. The book offers possible questions, suggested responses, and the reasoning and concepts behind why an answer is appropriate.

  • “Facing the Promotional Interview” develops a balanced study program for the key personal interview, noting why the first 60 seconds of an interview are critical and what you can do to make a good impression. A highlight is how to define and prepare an opening response for the positions of engineer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and battalion chief. Includes an audio CD that details proper and improper interview techniques, as well as over 100 sample questions with suggestions for appropriate responses and sample resumes and cover letters. Smoke Your Firefighter Interview, 5th Ed.

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