Confined Space Rescue


The confined space rescue is a challenging operation, as the spaces usually have limited maneuverability, thereby making entry by the rescue team extremely difficult or even impossible. Knowledge of the scene and the proper extraction tactics are crucial to making a confined space rescue a successful operation, which is why Firefighters Bookstore has put together a comprehensive collection of media that discusses these situations.

Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue

Categories of Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Confined space entry and rescue has to be performed quickly and professionally by trained personnel. Tight spaces can limit the amount of oxygen reaching the trapped person, and other hazards may be present. Proper equipment and a source of lighting are both essential for the rescue team to do their job.

There are three categories of confined space rescue: self rescue, non-entry rescue and entry rescue.

In self-rescue, the individual manages to free themselves from the space. This is typical when someone recognizes the danger present and isn’t constricted by falling objects or tight quarters.

The non-entry rescue is a method that attempts to extract a person without anyone else getting into the space. This is typically achieved by attaching a rope or other safety line and pulling them free.

The third and most hazardous category is the entry rescue. This involves one or more people entering the trapped person’s space and attempting to free them. The biggest concern in such efforts is that the rescuers may themselves become trapped, thus creating a larger problem. It is always advisable to have backup rescuers on hand before attempting this tactic. 

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