Ice and Dive Rescue

Ice rescue training and dive rescue training are two extreme specialty areas of emergency responder training. They are among the most hazardous rescue operations because they take firefighters into settings that are fraught with danger.

Firefighters Bookstore has put together a world class collection of books focusing on these emergency situations. They examine the common dangers of ice and rescue diving, including evaluation of the scene, recognizing hazards, proper use of equipment, dealing with victim hypothermia and other medical conditions. It is our hope that the knowledge provided in these books will keep all responders safe and lead to improved ice rescue training techniques and dive rescue training techniques on the scene of such incidents.   

Among the highlights of the Firebooks collection:

  • “Surface Ice Rescue” provides practical information for ice rescue teams, focusing on training, team management, equipment, and ice rescue techniques. Sections also examine managing operations, duties and responsibilities, and special situations. The book features a special section on ice formation, patient handling, and the physiological reaction of the human body to cold. Each chapter also includes a review section and additional references, making it the perfect instructional manual. Surface Ice Rescue

  • “Ice Diving Operations” is a primer on one of the most technical kinds of diving,  incorporating overhead and confined space risks. The book is geared toward public safety divers, decision-makers, EMS, sport divers, and instructors. It includes case studies and summary questions, presents photos of techniques and equipment, presents critical information designed to reduce fatalities and injuries, and sets standards for both sportive and public safety industries.

  • “Diving in High Risk Environments, 4th Edition” is considered by many to be the definitive text on contaminated water diving. It also covers dry suits, full-face masks, wireless communications, surface-supplied diving, and potable water diving operations. This book is essential reading for commercial, military, search and rescue, and technical divers. The fourth edition has been extensively revised and edited, and includes over 270 photographs, technical illustrations, tables, and charts.

  • “Public Safety Diving” is designed for instructors, dive team captains, surface teams, and underwater personnel. The book covers procedures for safe operations, proper methods of training, and how to make appropriate purchasing decisions. Various techniques and types of equipment are discussed and assessed. Safety is the constant theme throughout, with an emphasis on surface support, accident prevention, contingency procedures, risk/benefit analysis, and SOPs. Also provides chapters on methods of search in black water, swift water, and contaminated water, as well as techniques for evidence recovery

Firefighters Bookstore is the world’s leading online resource for firefighters and emergency responders. We offer the most extensive collection of books, videos, training manuals and other items that instruct, train, educate and guide emergency responders on the front lines. Public Safety Diving

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