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The essential and primary duty of firefighting and emergency responders is to rescue people and property. That’s why we at Firefighters Bookstore have compiled a world-class collection of search and rescue books, providing state of the art training and guidance to the brave men and women who are first on the scene of any disaster.

Whether this knowledge is applied in a formal training program, during field tests, or in real rescues, we believe our search and rescue books will be a valuable part of any department’s educational resources.

Highlights in Our Search and Rescue Books Collection

  • “Fire Department Special Operations” takes into consideration the earth-shattering events, funding challenges, research advances, expanded capabilities, and changes in regulations and standards that have widened the knowledge gap since the publication of Chief Ray Downey's original book in the early 1990s. This new text is perfect for agencies and individuals who are establishing, staffing, operating, and maintaining heavy rescue units. It’s also a valuable training resource for officers and individuals who are assigned the duties of a rescue firefighter.Fundamentals of Search & Rescue

  • “Fundamentals of Search and Rescue” covers Search and Rescue Technician (SARTECH) II and III requirements. This book provides an overview of all aspects of search and rescue procedures and equipment, teaching the essential techniques employed by all SAR personnel. It also offers in-depth and practical skills for search and rescue, making it the ideal textbook for paid and volunteer SAR professionals.

  • “Fundamentals of Technical Rescue” begins with an introduction to technical rescue, then progresses through discussions of tools and equipment, incident management, and conducting search operations. Among the highlights are discussions of structural collapse, confined space and trench rescue, vehicle rescue, and water and wilderness rescue. Full case studies and essay contributions from veteran rescuers reiterate key points and reinforce concepts.

  • “Searching Smarter” is, as the title would suggest, a guide to more effective search and rescue operations. The book defines the three most common types of search (standard, oriented, and team search) and applies them to existing common occupancy types (residential and commercial occupancy). It also discusses the relationship between command and other divisions/groups, search basics, and reading buildings for search. It is an important resource for firefighters, company and chief officers, and paid and volunteer firefighters.Searching Smarter

For over 25 years, Firefighters Bookstore has been the world’s leading online library for firefighters and emergency responders. We offer the most extensive collection of search and rescue books, videos, training manuals and other aids for those in the field.

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