Trench Rescue

One of the most dangerous operations for emergency responders is trench rescue, which involves digging out a trapped worker and shoring up the sides of an already unstable trench. Trench rescue training is a must for anyone undertaking this formidable task.

The firefighters arriving on the scene of a trench rescue are often in a race against time. Because trenches are different sizes and widths, the first task is to get boards together that will fit in shoring operations. Pneumatic braces, which expand with air pressure, can be inserted against walls on either side of a trench. An air pocket can form at the bottom of a trench, so quickly digging out trapped workers is essential.

Trench rescue training is highly specialized and requires a good deal of engineering knowledge. That’s why Firefighters Bookstore has put together a collection of trench rescue training books which detail the strategies and tactics involved in the dangerous operation.

Among the collection’s highlights:

  • “Technical Rescuer – Trench: Levels I and II” is designed to meet the requirements for Chapter 8 of the National Fire Protection Association’s 1006 (2008).  The book focuses on the key topics of trench rescue, from exploring the characteristics of trench collapse to the necessary steps for developing an efficient trench rescue team. Its comprehensive coverage of key concepts includes illustrating the breakdown of the trench, developing a response plan, implementing rescue operations, and the necessary skills for successful leadership and management during training scenarios and incident responses.Trench Rescue

  • “Trench Rescue”: The new edition features over 400 new photos and illustrations. A revised emergency patient care section includes crush injuries and crush syndrome. The book also offers an ongoing rescue scenario that uses all of the skills required to carry out a trench rescue from start to finish.

  • “Trench Rescue, Awareness, Operations, Technical, 2nd Edition” is designed to enable training to any of three skill levels: Awareness, Operations, and Technician. Each instructional unit contains specific information and tips.

  • “Emergency Rescue Shoring Techniques” offers a step-by-step explanation of the basic principles of shoring for unstable environments. It also covers the engineering aspects involved in shoring and stabilization, carefully explaining how to maintain the strength and integrity of structurally damaged or unstable elements such as beams, joists, girders, columns, arches, headers, and bearing walls.

Firefighters Bookstore has been the world’s best online resource for firefighters and emergency responders for over 25 years. Our books, videos, training manuals and other items are found in firehouses and emergency responder units throughout the world, are and used extensively for training and educating emergency responders.  Emergency Rescue Shoring Techniques

If you are looking to expand your training options or simply start a library, Firefighters Bookstore can help. We specialize in working with libraries and other institutions to curate a collection that suits them. Call us today and use our expertise to craft the perfect collection for your needs.

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