Vehicle Extrication

The manner in which crash victims are extracted from vehicles has a major impact on their survival rate. If you are a firefighter or an EMS technician who is training in emergency rescue, learning to extract people from wrecked automobiles is an essential part of your education. At Firefighters Bookstore, we carry a variety of educational tools that help prepare you for real life vehicle extrications by educating you in these and other important subject areas:36755_medium.jpg

Equipment for extricating people from wrecked vehicles ranges from hand tools to large, hydraulic tools operated by machines. In our training manuals, you will find illustrated instructions for using hand tools, electric tools, hydraulic tools and pneumatic tools for vehicle extrications. You will also learn everything you need to know about extrication procedures, vehicle technologies, medical considerations and scene management, all of which are essential to the vehicle extrication process.

Among the collection’s highlights:

  • Principles of Vehicle Extrication, 3rd. Ed. lays out the fundamentals in a concise, readable, and detailed manner. You will learn about extrication operations, incident management, vehicle anatomy, tools, restraint systems, and much more. For anyone who is just getting started with vehicle extrication, or for any experienced firefighters or technicians looking to brush up, this is an excellent place to start.

  • Vehicle Extrication: Levels I & II: Principles and Practice, 1st Ed. is the only book of its kind to receive endorsements from both the IAFC and the NFPA. If you’re looking for an authoritative guide to vehicle extrication, look no further. This helpful guide contains all of the essentials about how to safely and effectively operate at all major types of extrication incidents.

  • Vehicle Rescue & Extrication, 2nd Ed. provides all of the fundamentals as they pertain to even the most recent vehicle technologies, such as hybrid cars. Learn about the latest advances in extrication technology, and equip yourself with the knowledge to confidently manage all types of extrication emergencies. Each chapter includes case scenarios, education algorithms, objectives, summaries, and a glossary.

Get Educated Today!

Vehicle extrication is one of the most challenging aspects of being a first responder to accident scenes, but with the help of training guides from Firefighters Bookstore, you will be prepared when the challenge arrives. We offer a variety of resources that educate firefighters and EMS technicians about vehicle extrication, from training manuals for beginners to training manuals for veterans. We take great care to only stock the most trusted, accurate and reliable guides on the market, and we offer them at prices you won’t find anywhere else. Browse our online store today, and check out our great selection of vehicle extrication resources.

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