9 11 Firefighter Hero Stories

No one who was alive during that fateful day of September 11, 2001 will ever forget the scene. It was a clear September morning in most parts of the country, a day that promised to be just another ordinary weekday work slog for our nation. T

The heroism of the 9/11 firefighters is memorialized in this selection of 9/11 firefighter hero stories and other books about September 11.

Look through the eyes of the brave men and women who raced in when others ran away. This is the definitive collection of 9/11 firefighter hero stories and rescue worker books about September 11, and no one interested in firefighting or American history should miss out on these extraordinary works.

9/11 Firefighter Hero Stories at Firefighters Bookstore

Consider author Dennis Smith’s recollections. “There is no center to this day, no middle or end. All its remaining minutes and hours will be collapsed into that single instant at 8:48 am when September 11, 2001, became the saddest day of our history."  Smith, who was retired 20-plus years from FDNY service in the Bronx, changed into his heaviest duty clothes and reported to Ladder 16. They commandeered a city bus to take them to the scene. While at the scene, and during the next three months, he kept a diary of his time on the front lines, attending the wounded, sifting through the wreckage, and mourning with New York's devastated fire and police departments.  

Another of our incredible stories about September 11 is “Brothers on Holy Ground,” the account of retired FDNY firefighter-turned-filmmaker Mike Lennon, who arrived at the World Trade Center site with fire gear in hand. After two hellish weeks of digging, first for survivors and then for remains, he grabbed his movie camera and began interviewing at nearly every firehouse that had lost members. A pre-9/11 interview with John Satore, a firefighter from L-5 who died at the WTC, leads to a flood of memories from his fellow firefighters who were with him inside the North Tower. In this touching salute, they open up about surviving; the widows talk to Lennon about grief and healing. This film shows the hidden agony and unbridled pride of the FDNY firefighters as revealed to one of their own.

Author/filmmaker Harvey Eisner brings us “WTC: In Their Own Words,” a collection of interviews with firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center attack. This softbound book takes a highly detailed, in-depth look at the day's events and fire department response, and features an exclusive DVD which includes interviews and testimonials from survivors and firefighters. A portion of the proceeds will benefit four charity organizations.

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