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If you prefer to use a computer to study instead of cracking open lots of books, Firefighters Bookstore carries great firefighting study software that will help you pass firefighter exams to advance your career. Although books are the classic study resource, using software has some important advantages: CDs are often less expensive than books; a limitless number of sample tests can be printed from a single CD; and you can navigate through study material with just a few clicks.

We offer the best firefighting study software from the most respected producers, such as KnightLiteTM Study Software, IFSTATM Study Software, and Rapid-FireTM Study Software. Because many municipalities only give firefighter tests a few times a year, it is important to start studying today to seize the opportunity when it arises. By using the following resources as directed, you can put yourself in the best position to pass your next exam.

KnightLiteTM Study Software

For over 17 years, Knightlight has produced firefighting study software for firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics that focuses on numerous subject areas. Topics for firefighters include: essential firefighting tactics, building construction, and hazardous materials. EMT topics include: emergency care, EMT psychomotor skills, and vehicle extrication. Topics for paramedics include: essentials of paramedic care and practical paramedic knowledge. 

IFSTATM Study Software

The International Fire Service Training Association (IFTSA) produces materials based on the evolving training needs of firefighters. We carry a variety of IFTSA software-based study resources for firefighters at all levels. Topics include: essentials of firefighting, aerial apparatus driver/operator, aircraft rescue and firefighting, marine firefighting, and building construction. IFSTA Materials are also available in the form of flash drive for added convenience.  

Rapid-FireTM Study Software

Rapid-Fire is a well-known producer of comprehensive, firefighting study software guides for firefighters and those in related careers. Firefighters Bookstore carries a great selection of Rapid-Fire study materials for the following subjects, among others: essentials of firefighting, managing hazardous materials, truck company operations, collapse of burning buildings, and safety and survival on the fire ground. Check out our resources from Rapid-Fire today!   

Additional Resources

Firefighters Bookstore also carries a large selection of software-based study aids from other publishers, including: materials from respected individuals in the field of firefighting, Firefighters Bookstore, National Fire Protection Association (IFPA), International Association of Fire Chiefs) IAFC, and Red Hat Publishing. Whether you need to study for a specific position or become acquainted with a new area of firefighting, we have the materials you need to succeed.

Start Studying

Attaining a new firefighting position involves acquiring new information that will help you do the job right. Consequently, municipalities must make sure you have the skills you need before you take the position. Firefighters Bookstore helps firefighters and those in related fields meet their educational requirements by providing an array of dynamic study resources in the form of books, DVDs, and firefighting study software. Get the resources you need and start studying today!

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