Spanish & Sign Language

The work of a dedicated firefighting professional involves many types of intelligence and many key abilities, and the skill set required goes beyond just the ability to deal effectively with an emergency situation. A firefighter’s ability to communicate effectively with others is one of the keys to success in this kind of work situation, and today, the mastery or at least familiarity with different languages, including Spanish and American Sign Language, is a major component in the firefighter’s set of skills.

Here at the Firefighter’s Bookstore, we are dedicated to enhancing the education of firefighting professionals who must hone their linguistic abilities as well as their physical skills in order to deal effectively with emergencies. Our section on Spanish & Sign Language provides a range of books and educational materials sure to enhance the communication of firefighters and emergency personnel at every level. Let’s take a look at the selection offered here. 

Rapid Rescue Spanish, by Paul Maxwell, provides an overview of all the essential questions and vocabulary needed to communicate in Spanish during an emergency situation, from assessments to discussion of treatment and transportation during an emergency. This invaluable book provides key questions written in structures that are easy to follow and pronounce. The book is divided into chapters with color-coded tabs for easy access. This book is an important tool for any non-Spanish speaking emergency professional.

Simplified Spanish for Firefighters, Paramedics, and Prehospital Care is another very practical and very useful book for non-Spanish speaking emergency personnel who must call on key phrases in Spanish in an instant. This pocket-sized booklet is logically organized to follow the order of questions that would be asked in a real emergency situation. This book (written by a firefighter/paramedic) comes with a CD to aid in proper pronunciation. 

Spanish for EMS, by Aida De La Cruz Dean, MAT is an easy to use, highly practical Spanish course book and CD that contains easy phrases and questions in Spanish that aid the reader in self-teaching. The accompanying CD includes exercises that enhance pronunciation and a practical learning regime. This book also offers a cultural overview of Hispanic customs in comparison to American customs, to help underline where special sensitivities are called for in emergency situations.

American Sign Language is another language that can be a critical form of communication during emergencies. The Gallaudet Survival Guide to Signing is a great book for teaching beginners the basics of this expressive language. The book features more than 500 signs, along with illustrations and a guide for how to create them. The detailed dictionary format offers a cross reference of the words a sign can communicate, with an alphabetical cross reference. This book is an effective tool for anyone who wants to start signing and using American Sign Language immediately.

The Pocket Dictionary of Signing, by Rod R. Butterworth & Mickey Flodin, is a handy pocket guide to American Sign Language. It’s easy to read and use, and carries easily in a pocket.

The Fireman’s Bookstore is committed to aiding in the education of firefighting professionals who are ready to enhance their knowledge of communication at every level, including learning and mastering languages. It’s our hope that the books in this section of the site will aid firefighting professionals in their quest to communicate more effectively. Shop today.

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