Staff Picks

The Firebooks staff picks section contains the books and DVDs that our staff members personally suggest. These books are selected for their engaging content, compelling stories, popularity, and informative value. Peruse this section and you will certainly agree that our Firebooks staff picks is the best place to begin you shopping experience at Firefighters Bookstore. This is the best place to begin filling your bag with great reading

The Firebooks staff picks contain both fiction and nonfiction selections. Peruse the selection here and you are certain to find a work that will become a must-have. Be sure to bag a copy of the annual calendar by 17-year-veteran firefighter, award winning illustrator, and professionally trained artist, Paul Combs. It contains 12 editorial cartoons featured in Fire Engineering magazine and his personal blog. 

Compelling Fiction

The fiction works in our Firebooks staff picks are filled with heart-pounding action, drama, and emotion. Every fiction selection in this category is guaranteed to be the type of novel you can’t put down. There are also DVDs chosen regularly for your enjoyment, such as the 7th and final season of the popular Emergency TV Show. In this area you will find works from best selling authors and also veteran firefighters-turned-authors. Every novel chosen by our staff is certain to keep you engrossed from cover to cover.

True Life Action

The Firebooks staff picks include books that are written from real life situations that tested to the limits the skills and determination of emergency response teams.

Featured here are books that tell the real stories of heroes risking their lives to save people and property. Some are written around infamous events such as 911 and the massive, destructive brush fires of the west. Others are about lesser known but equally compelling and inspiring events.  Most of these books are firsthand accounts. You are certain to find several captivating stories among the selections chosen by members of the Firefighters Bookstore team.

Training Manuals

The staff also selects training manuals that they feel offer unique and engaging content on different training procedures that will improve your abilities as a firefighter. Firefighters today need to be equipped with the skills to deal with many situations that were not primary concerns in the past, such as toxic chemical spills, industrial fires, or fuel tank explosions that require mass evacuations. 

These manuals will help to prepare your team for any situation that confronts them. The training selections are by authors who have many years of experience in all aspects of firefighting, search, and rescue. Every fire station should contain a large selection of training material available to every member. These manuals will provide education to your present team and any new members to follow.

Take your time and review our staff’s highly recommended selections before continuing on to the rest of our huge collection of fiction and nonfiction books. You are sure to find something that will grab your interest and hold onto it.

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