Station Library

Every fire station needs a station library. It is a place to relax with a good book during downtime and a valuable learning center for firefighters to improve their skill sets and develop leadership qualities. A station library can also be a valuable point of reference for teaching the handling of unfamiliar situations.

A station library is not complete without containing books from several categories. We offer a broad selection under each of these groups and have conveniently separated them in the headers below.

Training Manuals

Training materials are invaluable to the collection of the books available to your firefighters.  Improving one’s skills and keeping up with the latest advances in firefighting technology is an important aspect of a firefighter’s duties. We offer the largest selection of fire training titles available anywhere. Any selection from this category will prove to be an invaluable source of information to be used now and for future generations of members as well.

Self-Improvement and Motivation

Firefighters Bookstore recognizes the need for books as well as audio CDs in the areas of self help, improving leadership qualities, motivation and influencing people. Also featured is the subject of setting and achieving goals in both work and personal life. A complete station library should make a large collection of these topics available. Especially important are those written by noted firefighter Dr. Kimberly Alyn, whose life work was dedicated to teaching firefighters proper behavior, teamwork, and the power of being positive. No firehouse library is complete without a collection of works by this great motivator and teacher.

Firefighting History and Nostalgia

What firefighting professional does not enjoy a window into the past, showing the advances made in his line of service and the equipment used today?  Pictures of classic and antique firefighting equipment are enjoyed by members and non-members alike.  Stories about past catastrophes and the courageous men and women involved invoke a sense of pride. Selections from this category make great gifts as well.

Leisure Reading

From a heart racing adventure to a heartfelt success story, leisure time reading is something that every firefighter needs and enjoys. For downtime between calls or a day off visit to relax, the library should always offers novels and real life stories that motivate, engross, and capture the imagination. We offer countless tales of heroics and compassion that are written by emergency personnel from life experiences.  There are also numerous works by well known novelists who understand the stressful, dangerous, and complex work of fire and rescue professionals.

Other Areas of Interest

Other subjects not directly related to firefighting should also be available in a station library. Cookbooks for new twists in the fire station meal preparation, how-to books to make repairs to the building and equipment, fitness training, and leisure time activities are a few suggested areas that are popular.

Our staff at Firefighters Bookstore is ready to help any department wishing to build a stationlibrary or to improve their existing one. Simply call or email us and we will be pleased to assist you.

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