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There are many topics you can choose when looking for fireman books for kids and other stories for children. At Firefighters Bookstore, you can find children’s books that span a wide range of topics, ranging from fun to informative, entertaining to essential. Subjects in our library include first aid and safety, firefighter novels and stories, informative picture books about fire trucks and equipment, and much, much more!

The exciting world of the firefighter is a subject that fuels every kid’s imagination. Who doesn’t love the roar of the fire engine, the clanging bells and flashing lights, the heroic actions of the brave women and men, and the fun of getting to spray water and foam on things without getting yelled at by mom or dad?  Fireman books for kids are always welcomed by the junior set, and we have a complete line of firefighter books and products that will become a cherished part of your family or school library.

Interactive Learning

The Firefighters Bookstore allows you to immerse yourself in that world with its complete line of fireman books for kids. We offer children’s activity books, DVDs, coloring books and other media that can help your child build crucial decision-making skills and teach them the fire and first aid basics that are of the utmost importance at any age.

For over 25 years, Firefighters Bookstore has been offering a vast selection of books dedicated to firefighters and other emergency rescue workers. Our age-appropriate books are a fun way to blend learning tools into your entertainment while teaching your child the realities of fire safety. Fireman books for kids are the pinnacle of “edutainment” and build a deeply ingrained understanding that may come into play at any time in your child’s life.

The Importance of Safety

The National Fire Protection Association says that 365,000 fires happened last year in the U.S. alone, resulting in close to $6 billion in damages. Most important, over 80% of fire deaths from fire occur in the home, and it’s the third-leading cause of death for children. . 

We offer a complete line of home entertainment, including fireman books for kids in English and Spanish, videos, DVDs, games and software. We are also proud to advise schools and educators about building a library that will be a vital part of the young learning experience. 

Our selections at the Firefighters Bookstore include such beloved characters as Curious George, Dear Dragon, Sesame Street’s Elmo and Arthur, history books on the Chicago fire and other blazes, and how-to instruction, including “Firefighters A to Z” and “Staying Safe Around Fire.” We’re sure that you’ll find something for everyone in your family interested in finding out more about the heroic men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us from the hazards of fire.

For more information on our books and other products, feel free to call us at (800) 727-3327.

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