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Firefighting is a centuries-old duty and a highly technical skill that requires vast amounts of training in fireground strategies and fireground operations.

Today, firefighters are highly trained professionals with many hours of field experience and study on fireground strategies and fireground operations under their belt. The goal is to save lives and property, and today’s techniques have made city-wide disasters a thing of the past, thanks to the increasing professionalism of the service.

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Firebooks offers a comprehensive collection of books focused on fireground strategies and operations. These books are an asset that can help large and small operations in their operational tactics, providing case studies and real world advice from top firefighters in the field.

“Strategies and Tactical Considerations on the Fireground” by James P. Smith. Now in its third edition, this comprehensive book blends theory with the author’s personal experience of over 40 years. The book guides students through the process of problem identification and solution response, offering the knowledge and tools to battle a variety of complex fire situations.

Authors James Angle, Michael Gala, David Harlow, William Lombardo and Craig Maciuba’s “Firefighting Tactics and Strategies” is in its second edition. This book is designed as a building block for aspiring fire officers and a review for experienced command officers, providing background knowledge and applications in all phases of fireground strategies and tactics. Important case studies are used to illustrate the theories in real-world situations and can be used by all levels of firefighters and officers.

“Suburban Fire Tactics” by Jim Silvernail explores how urban, rural and suburban agencies differ in the delivery of fireground strategies and tactics. Although firefighter objectives are the same, there are differences in urban and suburban firefighting, and the factors that limit suburban operations are thoroughly explored in this book. Policymakers, chief officers and firefighters will all find this volume useful.

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