Terrorism & WMD

When disaster strikes, the knowledge, training and skill of those responsible for protecting people affected is utterly critical. Today, the threat of terrorism, from both domestic and international sources, is greater than ever. Due to this, it’s imperative that the dedicated personnel charged with protecting those in harm’s way from terrorist incidents have as much knowledge as possible about how to protect victims most effectively after an attack, and how to do everything possible to prevent attacks from happening. All this takes time, skill and study, which is why The Firefighter’s Bookstore offers a full range of educational and training materials geared towards the fight against terrorism and protection from weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, the threat of terrorist attack is very real, but the best way fire and safety professionals can deal with this reality is to be prepared. Let’s take a look at the range of quality books and educational materials offered here that can enhance the education and training of those sworn to protect in case of terrorist attack.

Introduction to Homeland Security, by David A. McEntire, provides a highly readable overview of homeland security policies and how professionals can most effectively deal with the very real consequences of a terrorist attack. Ultimately, this book creates a bridge between homeland security and disaster professionals, providing useful information that can lead to understanding and more effective emergency preparedness.

Emergency Responder’s Guide to Terrorism, by Michael E. Marks, is a dynamic and highly visual description of the realities and dangers that come with a terrorist attack. This book also describes the motivations that are often behind terrorist threats. This compelling book is also offered in an instructor edition on CD-ROM.

Dealing with a terrorist attack calls on a range of skills from emergency personnel, going beyond the first responders. In the case of a terrorist incident, effective planning and distribution of emergency supplies is key. That’s why The Firefighter’s Bookstore offers Preparing for Terrorism: The Public Safety Communicator’s Guide, by George Buck, Ph.D, Lori Buck and Barry Mogil. This book offers insight into how communication staff can prepare for the chaos of an emergency attack and create effective, well-thought-out employee and community emergency plans. This book also offers detailed plans for coordinating communication between first responders and support staff, as well as for dealing with distribution of federal resources as they become available. An invaluable guide for emergency administrators and for anyone involved in terrorist attack preparation.

As the threat of terrorist grows, so does the sophistication of those involved in these kinds of crimes. Special Operations for Terrorism and Hazmat Crimes by Chris Hawley, Gregory G. Noll and Michael S. Hidebrand, presents detailed information about possible Hazmat situations in a terrorist attack, including a range of bombs and explosive devices that can pose terrible dangers to first responders and the public at large. This book lays out details about possible threats and ways for agencies to respond successfully to those threats.

In times of disaster, thorough preparation and education are the keys to dealing with chaos and danger effectively. That’s why The Firefighter’s Bookstore offers the educational resources needed to help firefighter’s protect those in harm’s way. Browse the full selection today. 

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