Fireground Operations – Tools

A good fireman is never far from the tools of the trade. Because disaster operations are so unpredictable, which firefighter hand tools will be needed is never clear until the moment comes. Thus, a wide assortment of firefighter hand tools for extraction, forcible entry, extinguishment, rescue, ventilation, overhaul, salvage and other job functions is essential.

The Firefighters Bookstore collection of fireground hand tools information offers four unique looks at the tools needed for each situation that may be faced by emergency responders.

“Thermal Imaging for the Fire Service” covers the history of thermal imaging, along with thermal imaging technologies, how thermal imaging works, safety considerations, thermal imaging and size-up, thermal imaging and attack, thermal imaging and overhaul, thermal imaging and ventilation, thermal imaging and search and rescue, thermal imaging and hazardous materials, and non-fire uses of thermal imaging.

“Fire Department Tools and Equipment” is a CD-ROM that offers more than 30 different drills in this manual to help you. The drawings are just another method of presenting the information which makes it easier to understand the equipment. Utilize the worksheet in the back of this study guide to assist you in constructing  your own drills!

Materials contained in this manual should only be used as a guide because equipment can vary depending on fire department requirements and manufacturer's specifications. Furthermore, each fire station can have different SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) that might not fall in line with information contained in this study guide.
“Visual Dictionary of Firefighting Tools and Resources” contains definitions and illustrations or photos of various firefighter hand tools utilized in search and rescue, as well as other resources critical to incident response. Photos and graphics accompany the terms and definitions for easy identification. Organized alphabetically in dictionary format.

“Tools of the Trade: Firefighting Hand Tools and Their Use,” covers the numerous firefighter hand tools for extrication, forcible entry, extinguishment, rescue, ventilation, overhaul, salvage, and other functions of the job. Learn how and when to use all the firefighter hand tools to become effective with them. Each chapter identifies the tool and its standard uses, discusses special uses and in-house modifications, and informs of the limitations of each tool.

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