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Training DVDs

Training is an essential part of becoming a firefighter. No matter how many firefighting exams you pass or books about firefighting you read, nothing suffices for actually training to do the job. That is why Firefighters Bookstore offers firefighter training DVDs that support firefighters and those in related fields with dynamic training instruction. Whether you plan to be a firefighter, special equipment operator, EMT, or fire officer, we have the firefighter training DVDs you need to succeed.

Firefighter I

Our firefighter I DVDs help beginning firefighters hit the ground running. Focuses of training include: essentials of firefighting, portable extinguishers, ropes and knots, ladders, and fire hose basics. There is a lot of training to perform before you put out your first fire, but with the help of our specialized training DVDs for entry-level firefighters, you can beat the learning curve and acquire the skills you need to become an asset to the department.   

Firefighter II

If you have mastered the firefighter I position and are ready to advance to the next level, Firefighters Bookstore has a great selection of firefighter training DVDs for the firefighter II position. Topics include: rescue operations, advanced ventilation, fire origin and cause, foam fire streams, and more. Many firefighters envision a trajectory for their career that takes them from basic firefighting to advanced positions in the department. Firefighter II training helps them get there. 

Fire Officer & Instructor

Fire officers and instructors play an important role in the safety education of other firefighters. If you have attained the rank of sub-officer or above and would like to work in the fire safety department, we have training DVDs that will help you on your way. Maximizing team performance, managing conflict, sprinkler systems, and standpipe operations are just some of the topics you’ll find in our great selection of training resources for fire officers and instructors.

Fireground Strategy

The strategies firefighters use on the fireground directly impact how fire behaves. Because different types of firegrounds require different firefighting strategies, it is important to attain the skills necessary to choose the right strategy, including: how to read smoke, how to approach fires in multi family buildings, how to approach fires in commercial buildings, and more. We have over 30 training DVDs dedicated to fireground strategy. Get the resources you need today!       

Hazmat Operations

Hazmat operations require special training in how to handle materials that can harm people, property, or the environment. We offer hazmat training DVDs with the following emphases, among others: containers and scene safety, defensive options and objectives, terrorism and WMD awareness, and decontamination. Hazmat operations are high stakes events where the lives of responders and others are often on the line.

Industrial Fire

Industrial fires often involve several factors that residential fires don’t, such as a large volume of flammable chemicals, equipment that explodes when it overheats, and storage areas that contain combustible materials. That is why it is important to get our industrial firefighter training DVDs if you plan to fight fire in the industrial sector. Topics for training include: industrial fire control, personal protective equipment, access & forcible entry, and industrial water supply.

Pumping Apparatus

A pumping apparatus is used for pumping water and other fire suppressants. The person who operates the pumping apparatus plays a crucial role in extinguishing

fires and must train in each aspect of the equipment’s operation. Firefighters Bookstore has training DVDs that focus on operating fire pumps, apparatus inspection and maintenance, water shuttle and relay pumping, and positioning apparatus. Jump start your pumping apparatus training with these DVDs!

Aerial Apparatus

An aerial apparatus has a multi-section that is raised using power from the fire truck’s propulsion engine. Operating the apparatus requires a steady hand and specific tech knowledge of the equipment. Using our DVDs, you can focus on the following aspects of aerial apparatus operation, among others: positioning, stabilization, telescoping, and driving. The aerial apparatus operator is a crucial link in the firefighting chain.

Safety & Survival

Firefighters must train to ensure the safety and survival of themselves and those they protect. Our line of safety and survival DVDs focus on rapid intervention, firefighter survival techniques, guidelines for highway incident scene safety, air monitoring, and other critical areas of fire safety and survival. Firefighters at every level should understand how to protect their safety and the safety of others. With the help our DVDs, you can train to become a safer firefighter!   

Vehicle Extrication

Some fires involve the task of extracting people from vehicles. Because the timeframe in which the injured are extracted from vehicles can be crucial for saving lives, firefighters who deal with automobiles must train for the extrication process. We have firefighter training DVDs that focus on the following elements of vehicle extrication: hazard control and safety, school bus extrication, emergency response to railroad incidents, roof and trunk procedures, and more.

Rescue Ops

Rescue operations are a common element in almost every type of firefighting. Firefighters Bookstore helps you train to save lives by performing efficient rescue missions with the help of our DVDs. Rescue ops topics include: conventional forcible entry, confined space rescue, water and ice rescue, and collapse rescue for the fire service, to name a few. By training for rescue operations with the aid of our DVDs, you can be prepared for practically any type of rescue.   

EMR, EMS, EMT & Paramedic

The presence of emergency medical responders (EMRs), emergency medical specialists (EMSs), emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and paramedics on the fireground is essential for saving lives. Our training DVDs help people in these fields train for scene safety and management, primary patient assessment, secondary patient assessment, artificial ventilation, and other life saving measures. Get our DVDs and start training to save lives!

Start Training Today

Firefighters Bookstore offers firefighter training DVDs for a variety of firefighting positions and disciplines, as well as positions in related fields. Whether you are training to be a first-time firefighter, have been in the field for years and are planning to take a new position, or need training in emergency medical response, we offer dynamic DVDs that help you concentrate on critical areas of training. To enhance your skills with real life training exercises, get our DVDs today!

For more information about our firefighter training DVDs, visit our Training DVDs section, or call us today at (800) 727-3327.

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