Training DVDs

Training DVDs

Our DVDs are part of a multimedia training program to deliver important information to firefighters and emergency responders to help trainees meet their training objectives. We also have materials for instructors to supplement the teachings from the DVDs and to prepare trainees for testing. is the leading source for multimedia training materials for fire and emergency services materials. We offer selections from over 100 publishers from all over the world to bring you the most current and relevant information available. Our DVDs present useful information and provide visual instruction about handling real life on-the-job situations to prepare firefighters and emergency responders, giving them the knowledge they need to stay safe and to help others.

Our training DVDs provide visual in-depth exposure to and explanation of experiences that firefighters and emergency responders will be faced with in the field. Our Collapse of Burning Buildings Series features the DVDs Wall Collapse, Roof Collapse, Floor Collapse, Wood Frame Building Collapse, High Rise Strategy and Tactics, Collapse Search and Rescue, Façade Collapse and Ventilation. These titles help firefighters identify hot spots and danger zones while fighting fires in different structures and provide helpful resources to analyze situations, allowing you to make safe decisions to protect yourself and others while producing the most effective results.

In addition to fire-focused material, our DVDs also present specific information with titles for Emergency Responders. Our Emergency Medical Responder DVD series includes many titles that provide instruction on how to perform on-scene assessments of the injured, including how to spot critical injuries. Trainees will learn how to provide on-site medical care to stabilize victims and prepare the patient for transport.

Our EMS, EMT and Paramedic titles provide real life scenes of procedures being performed to prepare first responders for handling situations immediately upon arrival. Topics include Emergency Childbirth Procedures, Infection Control and Prevention, Airborne Pathogens and Other Diseases, and ALS Skills Review.

The Firefighters Bookstore also offers training DVDs for Hazardous Materials & Terrorism, Pumping Apparatus, Rescue, Safety & Survival, and Vehicle Extrication. As the leading provider for training materials we are proud to offer training DVDs that address the widest selection of topics needed by Emergency Service Providers.

Discounted complete sets are available for purchase, or DVDs can be purchased individually. Check out our huge selection of high-quality training DVDs today and find what you need to further your emergency services training. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us help! Call us at 800-727-3327 or e-mail us at

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