The act of joining a firefighting unit is one that calls on a combination of courage, altruism, and the ability to stay calm during an emergency. These factors all come into play whether the firefighter is a full time professional or a member of a volunteer unit. No matter whether a firefighter is serving professionally or as a community volunteer, the act of signing on to serve others in case of a dangerous emergency speaks volumes, no matter the exact role that is played.

Training and maintaining a high level of skill among firefighters is obviously hugely important, especially when it comes to maintaining a volunteer unit. The Firefighter’s Bookstore is committed to providing ongoing education and training for volunteer firefighters through the wealth of information in the site’s volunteer area. Let’s take a look at some of the selections available here for ongoing training, education and honing of critical firefighting skills.

The Volunteer Training Officer’s Handbook, by W. Edward Buchanan, Jr. offers all the information needed to organize and train an effective community volunteer firefighting unit, with discipline and quality service kept as a top priority. This handbook uses a training academy format for volunteers, while still allowing for variations in education as realities and systems require. This information-packed handbook also comes with a CD-ROM that includes a wealth of materials including forms, presentation pieces and more.

Volunteer firefighters, acting in service to a community, are part of organizations that run on a non-profit basis. In a nod to the realities of working in this type of service, The Firefighters Bookstore includes Managing The Non-Profit Organization, by Peter Drucker. Separated into five highly informative sections, this handbook addresses a wide range of issues that confront fire chiefs who manage a non-profit organization. Sections include information discussions and interviews about pertinent topics such as: performance management, managing work relationships, mission statements, and the fire chief’s role as a leader. This book is a great organizational tool for any volunteer group.

A Leadership Guide For Combination Fire Departments, by Fred Windisch and Fred C. Crosby, deals with the difficulties and intricacies of leading a firehouse that is a combination of professional firefighters and volunteers. This book teaches by example, showing illustrations of effective leadership and best practices models by fire chiefs who have been there.

For a rare and very readable book about historical volunteer fire departments in the U.S., The Firefighters Bookstore is pleased to offer Volunteer Fire Company, by Ernest Earnest. This rare, now out of print book is an amazing historical record of real events at volunteer fire stations across the U.S. Offered now at an amazingly low price!

Volunteer Training Drills by Howard A. Chatterton contains detailed outlines and tips for creating challenging indoor and outdoor drills for training volunteers. This effective, informational book outlines a host of drills sure to get volunteers in top shape.

Volunteer fire fighters are committed individuals who serve their communities with courage and pride. The Firefighters Bookstore is committed to providing all the information needed to help volunteers serve more safely, skillfully and effectively. Check out our full selection of resources.

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