Wilderness & Rural Emergency Care

The wilderness can be pretty unforgiving, and wilderness emergency care is rife with its own set of complications and challenges. If you work or plan to work as a paramedic, firefighter, EMT or other rescue professional in a rural or wilderness environment, you need to equip yourself with the skills necessary to carry out the unique task of saving lives deep in the heart of nature, far beyond the embrace of the big city. The wilderness could care less about your domestic comforts or first-world standard of living, and very few people actually understand what it means to function in desolate, untouched environments. Don't be unprepared. Shop for an outdoor emergency care book or wilderness medicine book from the Firefighters Bookstore, and equip yourself for the most difficult of scenarios.

Why You Need an Outdoor Emergency Care Book

Do you know how to handle complex environmental emergencies? It's one thing to memorize basic pharmacology concepts and learn the fundamentals of ambulance operations, but it's another thing entirely to familiarize yourself with the challenges associated with extreme heat, blistering cold, rapidly spreading brush fires and instinct-driven wildlife. How do you respond in the event of a rattlesnake bite? What about marine microbes? How do emergencies in high altitude differ from emergencies that occur at sea level? If you concern yourself with wilderness and rural rescue, you need to be prepared for all of these scenarios and more. With a comprehensive wilderness medicine book, you can prepare yourself for every eventuality and save lives even as you venture into the unknown.

We're talking about books like Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine (2nd Ed.), which covers field therapy for more than 40 environmental emergencies, and Mountain Rescue Doctor, which covers everything from emergency medicine to survival skills, agility to extreme sports. You'll also want to check out essential guides like Outdoor Emergency Care (5th Ed.),Wilderness and Rescue Medicine (6th Ed.), and Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care for Remote Locations. There are incredible dangers associated with rural emergency responding, but these rescues can be incredibly rewarding, just as long as you're equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevail in every situation.

Get Your Own Wilderness Medicine Book or Outdoor Emergency Care Book

These books are chock full of information that will not only save the lives of those for whom you're responsible, but they may save your own life as you encounter the unpredictable elements waiting for you along the rural landscape. These books are the most trusted and referenced in their field, written in an academic fashion but accessible to anyone who reads them. Check them out for yourself and learn everything you need to know to become the most qualified rescue professional that you can be. They're essential reading for all EMTs, paramedics and firefighters who deal with rural environments, so don't be left in the dark. Get yours today. 

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