Children’s Books Wildfires, Earthquakes and Disasters

It may seem like talking about catastrophe is inappropriate for bedtime. However, reading children story books about wildfires, earthquake stories and disaster books is actually a great way to reassure your youngster. That’s because introducing these terms in a non-threatening environment and offering solutions to the problems that arise from them is the best way to let your child know that they can and will be safe if one does occur.

Your child needs real-life children story books so they know what to do in the chaos that arrives with a wildfire, earthquake or other disaster. With knowledge comes understanding, and it’s important for your child to know the causes, what can happen, prevention, first aid and other issues. It’s a discussion that also serves as the perfect time for the family to jointly devise an escape plan.

Educate You and Your Family

Firefighters Bookstore has been teaching these lessons for over 25 years with our line of children story books and educational materials. We are the world’s leading online resource for emergency education, and our products are treasured by families and educators who use our children’s books and materials as vital resources to broach the topic of fire and disaster safety with fun, non-threatening children story books.

We offer such beloved characters as Smokey the Bear (learn what he was originally called) the heroism of flying firefighters, a discussion of forest fires, and Seymour Simon’s classic “Earthquakes,”  a grade school textbook that has an easy-reader approach to details on what happens when the earth quakes and shakes and buildings fall down and tsunamis occur. The book comes complete with historical photos and is appropriate for grades 3-4. 

We also offer “The Hero, Book 2,” an enchanting story of story of a park ranger and a little boy who join forces to rescue people and a little puppy from a wild land fire. For older children, we feature “Disasters: Natural and Man-Made Catastrophes Through the Centuries,” a collection of ten historical disasters which talks about natural and man-made disasters that have the power to destroy thousands of lives very quickly. Yet these are ultimately stories of triumph, as they show man’s ability to bounce back from these unpredictable calamities. It is appropriate for those 10 years of age and older with a reading level of fifth grade and beyond. 

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These children story books will become indispensible guides for your family and can be shared with friends and neighbors. We’re also happy to advise educators who are contemplating building a safety library for their schools. 

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