Wildland Firefighting - Learn Everything You Need to Know


Disasters take many forms, from acts of urban terrorism to chemical blasts to the destruction of home and buildings via earthquakes, floods or fire. Wildland fires present a whole different kind of disaster scenario, however, one that often inspires awe at the damage nature can wreak on a forest and outlying community. Wildland fires offer a daunting disaster situation to firefighters; one that can only be dealt with by smart advance planning, education and ongoing study.

The Firefighters Bookstore has an ongoing commitment to the firefighters and emergency personnel set with the job of dealing with wildfires and managing them effectively before they rage completely out of control. In the interest of providing effective educational materials for firefighting professionals, we offer a range of books on the topic of wildland Fires. This section provides books and other materials under the headings of Training Manuals, Novels, History and Smokejumpers, in order to give readers an effective overview of the reality of wildland fires and fire control. Let’s take a look at the kind of materials offered here.

Firefighter’s Handbook on Wildland Firefighting by William C. Tele, provides an effective overview of wildland firefighting for professionals who want to sharpen their training skills. Additional materials here include a study guide, PowerPoint presentations and flash cards. The Firefighter’s Fast Check by Bill Tele is a laminated firefighter’s guide meant to be used on a fire engine for quick reference in an emergency.

Novels are another way firefighters can take in information about the reality of wildland fires, and what it takes to commit one’s life to fighting them. The Wildland chapter of The Firefighter’s Bookstore has a wealth of highly engaging novels geared especially for firefighting professionals. Selections include Peter M. Leschak’s Trials by Wildfire, a metaphorical study of the firefighter’s “warrior” code, told in vivid tales based on real wildfire experiences. Timothy Egan’s The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire that Saved America is another page-turning story involving a historic 1910 wildfire, forestry, conservation, and one of history’s most charismatic and larger than life U.S. presidents.

Students of history will enjoy the highly readable selections found in the History section of Wildland fire books. This section features books as varied as Sue Houser’s charming Hot Foot Teddy: The True Story of Smokey the Bear, to the adrenaline rush of Linc W. Alexander’s Fire Bomber Into Hell. This book is Alexander’s true life story of his incredibly dramatic experiences as a fire bomber pilot in a career that spanned from 1960 to 1997.

Finally, firefighters will want to read the engaging selections contained in the Smokejumpers section of the Wildland Firebooks chapter. This section contains an array of exciting firsthand accounts of the reality of smokejumping, with some criticisms of current policy and suggestions on how to improve firefighting from a smokejumper’s perspective. John Buckley’s Hotshot is a fascinating account of the exhausting and exhilarating experience of working on a fireline, which includes a passionate critique of the politics of firefighting. A must read for firefighters and anyone who enjoys an exciting work of nonfiction. Check out the full selection and shop today. 

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