Wildland History

Wildland history can be viewed from several perspectives, one of the most exciting of which is firefighting. Over the years, wildland firefighters have faced pulse-pounding, harrowing situations as they strove to extinguish wildfires that threatened to destroy ecosystems and leave bordering towns in cinders. To commemorate the history of wildland fire fights, Firefighters Bookstore carries a great selection of nonfiction wildland firefighting books that are useful for wildland fire training, self-education, and just overall reading entertainment.

In addition, these books are ideal for firehouse bookshelves, and they make excellent gifts for the firefighter or other rescue professional in your life. These are the real stories, told by the people who lived them, and even if you’re not a firefighter yourself, you will find yourself spellbound by these gripping narratives. The are among the most informative and eye-opening books of their kind, and our inventory is constantly expanding to include new titles.

Among the collection’s highlights:

  • A Great Day to Fight Fire recalls one of the most devastating wildfires in U.S. history, which took place on August 5th, 1949, in Mann Gulch, Montana. A crew of 15 USFS smokejumpers responded to the call, but only 3 walked away from the blaze. This harrowing story recalls not only the fire itself, but also the lives that were affected. It will change your perspective not only on the dangers of wildland firefighting, but also on the value of life.

  • Ghosts of the Fireground is a hidden gem in the world of fire history narratives. The author, Peter M. Leschak, interweaves the story of the famous 1871 Peshtigo fire with his own experiences on the fireline. Combining harrowing personal narratives with rich history, this book boldly demonstrates the common bond of firefighters through the ages, while also providing plenty of intrigue and a wealth of useful information.

  • Fire Wars: Joining the Frontlines of America’s War on Wildfire takes a compelling historical look at the evolution of wildland firefighting, while also exploring America’s most notorious fires. This book doesn’t just analyze the mechanics and written histories; it also explores the people involved, and analyzes the real human impact. You’ll find interviews with survivors, researchers, firefighters, smokejumpers and others who experienced the devastation firsthand, and you will learn a great deal about firefighting through the eyes of those who have survived it.

About Firebooks

Many of our most beautiful wildlands are protected by state or federal legislation, but they can’t always be protected from fires. The Firefighters Bookstore carries training guides that assist with wildland fire training, as well as entertaining memoirs, novels, and history books on the subject. In addition to being entertaining, our books about the history of firefighting in wildlands can be highly educational. Explore our online store and check out our selection of wildland firefighting books today.

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