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After years of fighting fires in wildland areas, where fires often behave more unpredictably than they do in urban settings, wildland firefighters emerge with some exciting tales to tell, to say the least. FIrefighters Bookstore has a nice selection of well-penned wildland novels about fighting wildland fires, which are can be as informative as they are entertaining.  Unfortunately, some of those tails are tragic.


Included among our collection:

  • One Foot in the Black is an edge-of-your-seat story about a man who travels to California to become a firefighter after enduring a physically abusive firefighter father and battered mother.Conflicted by his simultaneous hatred toward his father and need for his father’s approval, he learns what it means to put his life on the line. The descriptions of firefighting are so vibrant, you will feel like you’re actually there. One Foot in the Black isn’t just a story about fires; it’s a story about humanity.

  • Summer of Fire recalls the Yellowstone fires of 1988, but this isn’t a history book. It’s a gripping novel that describes the interweaving lives of troubled firefighters as they must work together to extinguish the blaze while at the same time battling their personal demons. Is the novel’s fire merely a metaphor for the inferno that rages within us all? You will have to read it and draw your own conclusions. One thing is for certain, though; you won’t be able to put this one down.

  • Smoke Eaters isn’t your typical fire novel. It combines mystery, suspense and horror to provide a reading experience you’ll never forget. And it’s all set around a raging wildland fire. This novel tells the story of Mattie McCulloch, who--upon receiving her first big fire assignment--is faced with the perils of wildland fire fighting, the discrimination of subordinates in her own unit, and even the pursuit of a murderous psychopath. Smoke Eaters is the kind of page turner that seldom comes around.

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After you read one of our exciting wildland novels, you will want to read them all. Packed with real-life wildland firefighting scenarios and advice, the books can be as useful as teaching tools as they are exciting as novels. They make great gift ideas for the firefighter or firefighting enthusiast in your life, and they are sure to provide hours of entertainment and education. Browse our online Firefighters Bookstore and check out all of our exciting wildland novel titles today.

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