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Smokejumping is one of the most challenging firefighting disciplines. Specially trained to parachute into remote areas to fight raging fires, smokejumpers are in a class all their own. If you are training in wildland firefighting, smokejumping may be a necessary technique to fight fires in your area. If you need educational resources for smokejumping, check out our inventory of books that address numerous aspects of the discipline. 681_medium.jpg

Among the Collection’s Highlights:

  • A Pictorial History of Smokejumping chronicles the exciting history of this noble practice from the 1930s to the present. Featuring detailed, real-life accounts and stunning photographs, this authoritative guide is a must-have for anyone interested in smokejumping.

  • Hotshot takes an unflinching look at the drama, exhilaration and exhaustion of the fireline, from the perspective of a Forest Service veteran. Featuring detailed accounts of firefighting in unpredictable forest environments, this book not only examines the human impact of smokejumping, but also the environmental impact.

  • Smokechasing features a collection of thoughtful and informative essays which explore the issues and theories of wildland fire management. The author, Stephen J. Pyne, is a renowned fire scholar and a veteran of 15 seasons on a fire crew in Grand Canyon National Park. With tremendous passion and insight, he brings the benefit of these experiences into his perspectives and narratives.


Scholarly Advice   

Firefighters Bookstore carries a wealth of titles that offer scholarly advice on firefighting practices such as smokejumping, terrain surveillance, and parachuting practices.. If you run a smokejumping unit and are continually looking for ways to better deploy your firefighters, check out our ever-changing selection of scholarly books that touch upon subjects of interest to the master firefighter. Some of our authors have been instrumental in making policy changes, and can help your firefighting unit address its challenges.        

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Smokejumping is a highly specialized firefighting discipline, one that requires intense field training, and an understanding of how wildland fire fighting should be performed in terms of topography, weather and other concerns. The Firefighters Bookstore actively pursues titles that help smokejumpers perform their occupation more safely and make needed policy changes. Explore our online store and check out our current titles for smokejumper training and wildland fire fighting.

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