Wildland Training Manuals

Thinking about becoming a wildland firefighter? If so, Firefighters Bookstore is the place to find wildland fire fighting training manuals that teach you what you need to know about fighting fires in the the most unforgiving environments. Fighting any kind of fire involves risk, but battling wildland fires is particularly perilous, as the fire can spread and rage out of control in unexpected ways. With the help of our firefighter training books, you can prepare to fight wildland fires by studying up on the following subjects.3330-2_medium.jpg

The behavior of wildland fires can be unpredictable. Nevertheless, experts have observed definitive ways in which wildfires behave based on several variables. Understanding wildland fire behavior is the first step to becoming an effective wildland firefighter. With help from our training manuals, you can develop a keen understanding of wildland fire behavior that helps you stay safe in the field.

Among the collection’s highlights:

  • Wildland Firefighting Fundamentals explores the basics of wildland firefighting in an easy-reading format. If you are just starting out, or are interested in learning more about wildland firefighting, this informative guide is the ideal place to start. It explores a wide range of topics that include wildland fire behavior, the chemistry of fire, fireline safety, fire extinguishment methods, and many others.

  • Firefighter’s Handbook of Wildland Firefighting explores the strategy, tactics and safety of wildland firefighting, complete with helpful tips and lifesaving procedures that every wildland firefighter needs to know. The bulk of the narrative is concerned with firefighter safety, and the 3rd edition contains over 200 color photos. This is another essential for anyone interested in wildland firefighting.

  • Protecting Life and Property from Wildfire explores the wildland/urban interface and contains detailed recommendations and findings from the Firewise Communities Program, a joint project of the National Fire Protection Association, the USDA Forest Service, and the U.S. Department of the Interior. This book doesn’t just explore the safety procedures, but also the theories behind them, and is ideal for anyone who seeks to dig deeper and go beyond the fundamentals of wildland firefighting.

About Firebooks

The Firefighters Bookstore is your one-stop source for wildland firefighting training manuals. We also provide additional resources for the wildland firefighter, including a firefighter’s checklist and incident organizers for wildland fires. Fighting fires in the wild is one of the biggest challenges a firefighter can face. Whether you are an aspiring wildland firefighter or an experienced veteran who is ready for a leadership position, browse our online store and get the materials you need to succeed.

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