WMD & Military Emergency Care

We live in a world where bad things can happen at any time. While no one wants to think about those things happening in their area or to the people they love, preparation is a key tool for trained personnel and civilians following a major disaster. That’s why you need a great emergency preparedness book in your personal or business library.

The Firefighters Bookstore has been the information resource for firefighters and other emergency first responders for over 25 years. We understand that knowledge is one of our best defenses when something happens, so we provide a platform to reach our audience and teach the best practices in an emergency. In this day and age, that means being prepared for the worst case scenarios, including chemical, biological and nuclear emergencies, as well as building collapses, explosions and other dangerous scenarios.

Our Selection of Emergency Preparedness Books

The emergency preparedness books in our WMD & Military Emergency Care section is a bit different from the information in our other sections that offer books to civilian emergency teams. This is an area devoted to providing life-saving information in extreme conditions, a highly specialized form of medical services training in a tactical environment. We understand that our brave emergency responders may be confronted by situations that no emergency preparedness book can provide. However, it is our hope that openly discussing the possibilities and the potential path to saving lives may provide the intellectual muscle memory needed when disasters strike.  

Our books cover all the steps needed to understand the ins and outs of tactical medicine, including biological, chemical and nuclear incidents. These books, gathered together for the first time in one convenient location, are the perfect curriculum for any emergency responder concerned about patient assessment, extrication and evacuation, self-defense, decontamination procedures and antidotes to various agents.  

These books also cover the basics of crime scene management, crowd control, and quickly identifying symptoms and substances in a weapons of mass destruction scenario. Learn about the specialized equipment used in tactical medicine and the field treatments that can quickly stabilize situations, as well as the time frames and field solutions that first responders can use.

In situations where standard operating procedures may be inefficient, these books allow you to take command and assess the treatments and tactics that will help save lives. We hope our readers will never have to use this information, but we know that thinking about the unthinkable is one way of being ready to best serve the community.

Shop Firefighters Bookstore

At Firefighters Bookstore, we’re committed to spreading the information you need to know in every emergency situation. We offer a complete line of  books, videos and software that detail all of the vital information emergency responders need to know.

If you’re a public education professional, we can provide guidance on the best books, videos and software to help you build a library that will serve your community well.  

Firefighters Bookstore prides itself on our customer service, our highest priority. We welcome questions on our selection and services, and promise to ship on the same day if your order is in stock and received before 4:15 p.m. Pacific time. Our online shopping cart is Veri-Sign secured, so shop with confidence that your order is private. Our phone number is 714-375-4888 or email us at CustomerService@firebooks.com.

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