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This curriculum provides materials needed to teach a course in conjunction with the IFSTA Building Construction Related to the Fire Service (3rd edition) manual. The materials were created using the basic features of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint . 

The USB Flash Drive includes the following for each chapter:  

1. Lesson Outlines The outlines of each chapter contain instructor information, including times recommended to teach the chapter, instructor notes, and student discussion questions. The outlines are provided in Microsoft Word and can be customized to meet individual needs. Each outline contains page references to the manual, and visuals of the PowerPoint slides are included beside the information to which it pertains.  

2. PowerPoint Presentations PowerPoint presentations match the lesson outlines and contain multiple photos and illustrations from the manual. The slides are provided in Microsoft PowerPoint and can be customized to meet individual needs. 

3. Chapter Quizzes Chapter quizzes range from 10 to 20 questions and contain true/false, multiple-choice, and short-answer questions. Each question provides a page reference to the manual. 

4. Chapter Tests Chapter tests range from 25 to 50 questions and contain only multiple-choice questions. Each question provides a page reference to the manual. 

5. Skill Sheets Skill Sheets include step-by-step instructions to fulfill the skills JPRs of the specific NFPA code.

All of the files on this USB Flash Drive may be viewed from the Flash Drive or copied to a computer hard drive. (It is necessary to copy the files in order to customize them).

USB Flash Drive includes Clip Art

Windows compatible only.


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